Sunday, July 17, 2011

A glass full

This is the very day God acted— 

      let's celebrate and be festive! 
Psalm 118:24 {The Message}

My friend Mommie Dearest posted this verse in a different translation awhile back and  it was a good reminder for me.  I like to look at different translations every so often, because it gives me a new perspective.
The words celebrate and festive really struck me.  I feel like I just try to make it through my ordinary days
I was thinking about my attitude on special days like holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries.  It is different.  I seem to have more of a spring in my step.  Why is that?  Obviously, we have stress, hard times, and tragedy in this life, but God gave us this day and we should embrace it.
I think of myself as a half glass full instead of empty girl, but really my glass isn't half full.  Because our loving God has FILLED my glass and it is running over.
My days are not ordinary, and they should be celebrated.
I hope that you too can see how much God blesses us each and everyday!

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